The meaning of Lakshmi Lamaism Lan Na Laterite Le Library Linga Lintel Lost wax Lotus Lumbini


A consort of Vishnu. The goddess of beauty and good fortune. She was reincarnated with Vishnu as one of his avataras each time he appeared on earth. For example, she was born Sita, the wife of Rama, and Rukmuni the principle wife of Krishna. The lotus flower is one of t her attributes.

A form of Buddhism practiced in Tibet and Mongolia.

Lan Na
A kindom of North Thailand, centered in Chiang Mai, which flourished between the 13th and 14th centuries C.E.

A deposit of red of brown clay produced by decomposing rocks. Laterite is soft when first unearthed but becomes hard when exposed to the air. It is frequently used as a building materiel in Thailand and Cambodia.

The dynasty ruling Vietnam from 1427 to 1789 C.E., the golden age of Vietnamese history when art flourished.

The name given to two separate buildings located on either side of the main entrance to a Khmer temple. There is no evidence they were used as libraries.

A phallic emblem or representation of a male phallus, symbol of Shiva and his role in creation. It is called a mukhalinga when a face is added to its surface. There are many different types, often divided into three parts: a cubic base representing Vishnu and a cylindrical section with a rounded top representing Shiva.

A crossbeam resting on two upright posts usually decorated with narrative scenes or decorative motifs. In Khmer temples the lintel is above the door or window opening, directly below the pediment.

Lost wax
A technique used in bronze casting. The technique of the Indianized Southeast Asian countries differs from that of China and the West.

A type of water lily associated with the divine birth story of the Buddha and used symbolically in Hindu and Buddhist art. According to the story, immediately after his birth the Buddha took seven steps, and wherever his feet touched the ground lotus flowers bloomed. Lotus pedestal are used as a base for some Buddha images.


The park near Kapilavatthu where Prince Siddhartha, the historical Buddha, was born,. Located in present day Nepal.

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