The meaning of Om


This is the most sacred mantra, which is regarded as the primal sound in the birth of the cosmos.
                Its symbol is OM, but the actual mystic sound heard in the deep meditative state is A-U-M-, which appears to correspond to the three elements ____that sprang up out of creation: Spirit-mind-body. ‘A’ stands for the initial surge of emanation; ‘U’ for preserving or nurturing it; and ‘M’ for absorption, not dissolution. It also stands for Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva, the Hindu trinity.
                When articulated or chanted, it is cleansing or purifying and activated certain latent forces in the human body, and helps transcend worldly problems. hence, as the holiest of all mantras, it must precede all other mantras, otherwise the latter would not have the presence of divine power or force. To make any work successful, it must be invoked before the work is started.
                It is regarded to exist before and after creation. It is imperishable and therefore the symbol of the Infinite. It resides and is present in Silence, and represents the entire manifested and unmanifested world.

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