The meaning of Fakir Farang Feng shui Four Noble Truths Finial Fresco Funan


A Muslim who has taken a vow of poverty.

Thai word for a white-skinned foreigner, derived from a word referring to France.

Feng shui
Natural elements of wind and water used in a geomagnetic system, which determines the orientation of dwellings, cities, and graves in order to harmonize correctly with nature. A dousing rod and astrological compass are used for this purpose.

Four Noble Truths
The basic teachings of the Buddha. The First Noble Truth is that suffering exists; the second is that suffering is caused by clinging to that which is pleasant; the third is that after discovering the origin of suffering one can put an end to it; and the fourth is the Noble Eightfold Part, the way leading to the cessation of suffering.

Delicate ornamental work of metallic thread usually made of gold or silver.

Usually a mural painting done by applying mineral or earth pigments onto wet lime plaster.

According to Chinese chronicles, an Indianized state founded in the 1st century C.E., and the precursor to Combodia. It dominated the Mekong and Chao Phya valley regions between the 2nd and 6th centuries C.E.

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