The meaning of Hamsa Hevajra Hinduism


A sacred goose, gander, or swan. The vehicle of the god Brahma. In his flight, the hamas establishes a link between the aquatic world and the heavens. Seen frequently in Buddhist imagery.


A protective god in Tantric Buddhism with the rank of a Buddha. He has eight heads, sex-teen arms, and two or four legs. He has a third eye. In Cambodia and Thailand he is seen in a dancing posture with his left leg crushing a demon and his right leg bent with the foot touching the left leg above the knee. He wears ornaments. In Tibet he is usually depicted in yabyum with his consort.

The main religious and social system in India, of ancient origin. Hindus share a common belief in the law of karma, the transmigration of the soul, and a universes spirit or Brahman. Hindu religious practices include the worship of several gods and goddesses.

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