The meaning of Gable board Gandhara style Gau Gautama Ghanta Gold leaf Gupta Guru


Gable board
In Thai architecture, the recessed face of a pediment on the gable end of a building. It is triangular in shape, and is located between the two slanting roof eaves and the horizontal tie beam. Corresponds to the Western architectural term tympanum.


Gandhara style
The art style developed during the Kushan period of Indian history, from the 1st to 2nd centuries C.E. It is distinguished by the depiction of the Buddha with realistic features wearing draped robes reflecting Greek influence.


This is a tiny altar with a small figurine of the owner’s deity- Ishtadevata – wrapped in silk. On a journey the owner usually carries it.
                It is made of two parts to form a box; the façade, which is decorated, has an opening through which the deity can be seen.


The name given to the historical Buddha by his clan, the Shakyamuni.

The bell originally stood for instability, of something transient, and later represented the female principle, which symbolizes wisdom and purpose.
                The ghanta illustrated here has a vajra handle – this is a symbol for ‘path and purpose’ in union here which leads to enlightenment.
                With the thunderbolt scepter, in Tibetan ritual worship the bell is held in the left hand, which represents wisdom or impermanence.

Gold leaf
Gold which has been hammered and made tissue paper thin and then cut into one-inch squares. These are then applied to religious objects for decoration or to make merit.

A powerful dynasty located in the Ganges valley between 320 and 535 C.E. also, the style of art that emerged in northern India during this period, condidered to be the classic period of Indian art.


Spiritual leader and teacher.

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