The meaning of Naga Nataraja Nirvana


A mythical serpent with the characteristics of a cobra, usually depicted as multiheaded or sometimes in human form. It serves as protector of the Buddha in meditation and as guardian of the earth's waters. It symbolizes fertility and abundance and is believed to be the progenitor of the Khmer race. Its struggles against Garuda are a common iconographic theme
Among Hindus the naga is worshipped as a deity.

                In Buddhism it is the guardian of the Buddhist Dharma. The dharma was given by the Buddha to all the nagas to guard until mankind had become wise enough to know the truth.
                It is also believed to be the protector of the Budddha as a reincarnation of Vishnu.


Shiva as "lord of the dance," representing cosmic truth or energy. His cosmic dance symbolizes creation, preservation, and destruction according to the divine order. He stands over a dwarf who represents ignorance.


The extinction or release from all suffering desires delusion, and future rebirths. The Buddhist State of enlightenment achieved while still on earth. Buddha reached nirvana under a bodhi tree.

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